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Is it okay if I add just one body type for dwarves. Because I’m using 3 base body types for all races (human, kaleik and elves all use the same 3 body types but Dwarves can’t use those files because they are shorter) and if I make 3 different body types for dwarves, it’s gonna be 6 different body types…Meaning 6 different version of every outfit/accessory. That’s A lot of time on clothes…What should I do?

agnes39 said:
I really love Ascension... When will the 4th chapter come out?

When it’s done! :P Not soon. A year or more!

Anonymous said:
you never answered my ask T.T ...oh well, I guess I'll go back to my kingdom of isolation

Which one is yours? T____T I’m sorry!… I do my best but…

This is…the thing…the…inbox.

elynight said:
That's kinda hilarious, Rin. Cause I have a cat named Turtle.


Anonymous said:
You have a turtle? O_O WHy is this the first I have herd of this i LOVE turtles! XD

Yep! Her name is “Turtle” because I’m the most creative person ever when it comes to pet names -.-, she is 12 years old and is really big. Also eats all the time and is a lazy bum :P Love her!

hithaer said:
Hey Rin, it's meee again! I've been researching what you sent me. Old Irish is better documented than Proto Celtic, so OI will form the basis of Kadan, while PC will form the basis of the ancestor language (so the roots will all have etymology!) With creative use of the Initial Consonant Mutations common to Celtic, the grammar should turn out to be as streamlined as Japanese. I will send you a more compete description soon. By the way, the art is looking amazing! =)

Ooooh! O_O That sounds exciting! Can’t wait to see >.< Ahhh!!!!

Anonymous said:
I had this dream last night where I was a time traveler, and I went to a library in the future, and there was a whole section of visual novels on these little tablet things, and there were twelve volumes of Ascension! (or, like, twelve chapters) It was really great :)


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