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Badass female anime leads !

Hey everyone! So lately i started to watch anime again after a looong time and been looking for a good anime with a badass female lead.

Those are the ones I already watched, (recommending to everyone who didn’t btw)

If you have any recommendations please tell me ;_;! <3


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Stealing is the new viral!

This person https://twitter.com/drakestopher is stealing the artwork from my game and selling posters without my permission.
Please spread the word. People shouldn’t buy something that is made for free. Lol maybe he wants some viral love?

Edit: I just talked with the ex-culprit and turns out, he was innocent. He just gave me and P.O.R.R full credit. Ready to forgive & forget.

Apparently the real culprit is http://deadgirlandghostboy.tumblr.com/post/80910631151/drake-christopher-henning-catchingyourclouds-fan

Not cool…Not cool.

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